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Central Park Midwifery

372 Central Park West, Suite 1D
New York, New York 10025

(212) 531-2229 or (212) 531-BABY 

Midwives: Georgia Rose, CNM; Wenping Tian, CNM; and Elaine Keller Duemig, CNM

Georgia Rose, CNM


I have been in private practice for 14 years. After attending over 1600 deliveries, I am still amazed and in awe of the wisdom of birth and the power of women. I believe each woman has an innate knowledge of how she will give birth because she comes from a long line of successful mothers. My role as a midwife is to help her discover this wisdom and to encourage and support her unique journey to a positive and joyful birth experience.

At Roosevelt Hospital, families may choose the homelike surroundings of the Birthing Center, or the state-of-the-art Labor and Delivery Suite where epidural anesthesia is available. You will receive the same personal, compassionate attention from me in either setting. Additionally, when you give birth at Roosevelt, you can be secure in the knowledge that if unexpected problems arise, you will have immediate access to the hospital’s comprehensive medical services, including the high-level Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

My comfortable private office is at 372 Central Park West, Suite 1D, in Manhattan. This is conveniently located at 97th Street, less than 3 miles north of Roosevelt Hospital, and accessible by public transportation. Please call my office for more information about how I can assist you.

I welcome you to my practice, for I know you and your family will have something special and new to teach me about the profound human endeavor of childbirth.

Wenping Tian, CNM, MSN, IBCLC


Wenping Tian, CNM, obtained her Master’s Degree in Midwifery from the NYU School of Nursing in 2013, her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from SUNY Stony Brook School of Nursing in 2004, and her Master’s Degree in Clinical Medicine from Inner Mongolia Medical College in 1998. She is a certified nurse midwife, a licensed nurse practitioner in the obstetrics and gynecology specialty, and an international board-certified lactation consultant.

During midwifery training she had hundreds of clinical encounters that included deliveries, labor management, newborn examinations, prenatal care, postpartum care, gynecological visits, and primary care visit.

Previously, she was a labor and delivery nurse from 2003-2012 at Mount Sinai Roosevelt Hospital, managing patients from admittance to discharge. She actively participated in development of individual treatment plans, and ensured that doctor’s orders were effectively carried out. She assessed and triaged patients at admission, monitored patients’ progress, and assisted them with pain management techniques. She assisted doctors with delivery, cared for healthy newborns, and instructed patients in breastfeeding and infant care techniques.

In Beijing from 1998 until 2002, Ms. Tian was an attending physician in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Beijing Luhe Hospital, providing care for pregnant and gynecology patients, administering therapy, medication, or other treatments, performing vaginal and cesarean deliveries, monitoring patients’ conditions, and re-evaluating treatment as necessary.

Elaine Keller Duemig, CNM


Becoming a midwife was my dream for many years. During my journey to midwifery, I earned a bachelor's degree in women's studies from the University of Wisconsin. Having never lived anywhere outside of Wisconsin, I chose to move across the country to Connecticut to earn my nursing degree at Quinnipiac University. After a working as a labor and delivery nurse, I followed my dream of becoming a midwife and moved to New York to attend Columbia University to earn my midwifery degree while at the same time working as a nurse. I have worked and trained in many different settings but I favor the continuity and close relationships that I have developed with women and their families while working in a private practice setting.

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