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Risa Klein Midwifery

422 East 72nd Street, Suite 10B
New York, NY 10021

Phone: (917) 806-4992
Insurance Plans: For information, visit

Risa Klein, CNM, recently moved her full-scope midwifery practice to Manhattan to attend births at the Mount Sinai West Birthing Center, with its unique combination of safety and choice in the birthing process. She works in collaboration with Jason Kanos, MD; in West’s OB/GYN Department, he directs both the Labor and Delivery Unit and the Quality Improvement Program.

Most recently, from 2004 through 2014, Risa had a private midwifery practice in New Jersey, attending births principally at Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, with privileges at three other New Jersey hospitals. During this period, she also worked in the practice of obstetrician-gynecologist and maternal-fetal medicine specialist Andrew Garber, MD. With this experience, Risa became especially unique: she is a midwife who has gained a vast amount of knowledge in serving women with high-risk pregnancies. As part of Dr. Garber’s team, Risa was an integral part of obstetric care for high-risk pregnancy patients, to whom she provided prenatal care, and natural, homelike deliveries when medically warranted.

Risa was a television news producer for seven years at major news organizations in New York City prior to the birth of her daughter Dariana in 1989. For Risa, the experience of pregnancy and birth was transformative to her entire life: down to the deepest fiber of her being, she learned what it meant to bring life into the world, to be a mother.

“Birth is a catalyst for growth,” says Risa. “My purpose as a midwife is to help other women most fully experience this catalyst, for the individual growth, and the individual meaning that it may bring to each of them. I want to help each woman conquer her fears, recognize her own challenges, and find her own strengths to move beyond those challenges.”

Risa’s experience as a resource to pregnant women began in 1992. As a certified Bradley Method® natural childbirth instructor, Risa taught classes for groups and individual families from then through 2007. Concurrently, she was a certified labor coach in homes, hospitals, and birthing centers; and also, a certified breastfeeding and postpartum consultant. In addition, during this time, she flew in and assisted attendance on many home births during a four-year apprenticeship to a midwifery practice in Dearborn, Michigan.

She earned her BS from the Columbia University School of Nursing in 2002, and continued there to complete an MS with a specialty in nurse midwifery in 2003. Says Risa, “You can expect to receive individualized care during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences while working with me. I consider myself a patient, confident, nurturing, skilled, and experienced midwife and mother.

“I offer you a homebirth midwifery approach in the comfort and security of a state-of-the-art, in-hospital birthing center with an L&D wing close by if needed. It is a calm and peaceful environment that I call ‘Birth, Bed, and Breakfast.’

“Many hours of academic and professional training, and experience, including both home and hospital births, will have preceded my time with you on your unforgettable day of birthing your baby! I can help facilitate empowerment in the natural birthing process for you and your family, as I did for myself and own family, thus providing you excellent healthcare while safely bringing your baby into the world. I will preserve your heartfelt desires, while answering and addressing your questions. Every woman deserves to feel cared for, respected, heard, and well informed during pregnancy, labor, birth, and beyond.”

In addition to prenatal care and attendance on births, Risa provides annual well-woman care, preconception, and VBAC counseling.

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